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Grow it Yourself Bike Helmet for Kids

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Grow it Yourself Bike Helmet for Kids

NOS Design Consulting
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Recyclable and compostable helmet for urban mobility systems.

Urban growth leads to new alternative mobility systems such as bicycles, scooters and motorcycles among others.

The regulation of these is ambiguous and access to these means of transport is free for anyone who has a smart phone. However, these companies do not provide any security system for users.

Thinking about how to solve this problem, we designed a helmet that was accessible, of temporary use and that could be discarded without fault.

To develop this idea we partnered with Polybion, a company that developed Fungicel, a patent that uses Mycelium. A fungus that develops like a foam. Offering cushioning at the time of an impact.

What is included?

1) Two 3D models of helmet moulds for CNC machining and construction of thermoforming dies, both in STP and OBJ format.

2) Presentation in PDF format with instructions for growing the helmet on thermoformed plastic.

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3D files in order to make the molds for thermoforming the casing in order to Grow Your Own Helmet

Great for the planet
Learn to grow Mycelium
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