Pebble Desk

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Pebble Desk

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The Pebble desk aims to give the maximum working space to each user. It is a product that is easy to produce, easy to assemble and accessible for any type of project.

Its premise is to seek to be the most functional desk for large work teams, all this trying not to be a typical rectangular desk.

By having a double top, users have storage space along the entire length of the desk, keeping their belongings close at hand and taking care of is aesthetic aspect of a clean workspace.

The Pebble desk manages to make the most of the most common format of MDF boards, this opens up a very wide catalogue of finishes and colour ranges. Within the details, it has attractive rounded edges and wide tops, as well as having the right height for work, starting from the average office chair.

The result is a desk with space for up to 6 people, it has the possibility to hang four backpacks at each end on a hook that originates from the lower cover. In the central part it has two cross-shaped perforations to distribute the cables to each work area. There is also a version with multi-contacts included and a version with a computer CPU holder, its shape is reminiscent of river stones, hence the name. The Pebble desk can be manufactured in various finishes and combinations.

what it includes:

1) 3D model of the assembled desktop in STP and OBJ formats.

2) CNC cutting file of a desk in standard MDF board format 122 Cm x 244 Cm (48.03 in x 96.06 in).

3) Technical drawings of the desk in PDF format.

4) Brochure of details and product presentation in PDF format.

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The best desk for teams!

Easy to produce
CNC machining
Six workplaces
Slots for connections
Corners to hang backpacks
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